Long Time no See

Hey everyone!

Long time no see… I am so so sorry I have not been updating my blog regularly. I am sure you have been missing all my juicy beef about the people that I am helping 😉 I have honestly been so busy up to my ears in clients that I barely have time to think let alone type out a blog post that is regarding me.

The marketing world has been going strong for me the last few months. I have built out several websites + multiple marketing campaigns and even got a $300 bridesmaid dress for free! I am feeling very blessed. But it hasn’t been all roses.. I am trying to make sure my pipeline stays full for when my busy times end. I think as business owners we get so caught up sometimes in the “NOW” that we forget to remember the times after the storm comes. What do you do for your business to keep the money flowing? So of my daily practices are

  • Taking pictures of local businesses cars while driving.. and if I am feeling extra spunky I might even give them a call right then and there
  • I spend a good uninterrupted hour of time just basically protecting on the internet- looking at google searches in a certain niche each day. I will copy and paste the URL in a word doc and just start my list.
  • JUST BE AWARE! You want to make sure that you are communicating about your business to everyone you know. You never know who and what doors will open.

It is so important to continue to keep your pipe line full because #1- not everyone will work out #2- We have bills to pay and vacations to take! Well folks I am out for now.. my computer repair guy is here and I need to get my money making machine fixed. I won’t be gone for so long next time :)