Needy Clients part 2

Welcome back friends and fellow marketers! So I finally have a few moments to breath and update everyone on my progress.

I left off last time with my “Needy Client” post about a friend wanting a website build and I was annoyed with it blah blah blah. This was a huge learning lesson for me because honestly I got to eat my words.. not only did she pay me..she paid me more then I was asking!! I quoted her $500 and she threw back $1000 bucks at me! I think I was just taken back because my expectations were so different with this situation and it made me really take a step back and think about what I was handling all of this. ┬ámarketing,website,

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own insecure thoughts that is becomes our reality when in ACTUAL reality that is not how it is. This leads me to take a step back and look at other experiences that have happened recently to re-think the situation and experience.

If you remember my posts from a few back about the “Ball Game” and that client that never had the decent morals to write me back? Well she did write me back and it was a very nice long email. She can’t afford my services right now ­čśë but she will keep me in mind when she is bigger and has more money. But remember how I thought that it was me doing a bad job and I struck out? No I didn’t strike out I just miss read the play… Sometimes as business owners we need to step out of our own heads for a few minutes and not take everything so personally and just be willing to be patient and good things will come from it.

I was so hyped ( in the beginning ) about the money with my friends website that I just focus and thought “ohh just a small job” but it turned out to be massive and just another way for me to hone my awesome website building skills.┬áMarketing requires you to listen to your clients needs and ultimately market their business to gain them more business… key point.. listen to what your client is saying , don’t listen to what my little head is saying! My little head was saying “this is a needy greedy client/friend trying to take advantage of you..” and oh boy oh boy how I was completely wrong.