Needy Clients

Oh man! I know you all have missed me :)
I have been swapped dealing with my lovely needy clients! I love my job and all the marketing and design work I am able to do but sometimes dealing with business owners is the pits of the job.

I started working with a new client who owns an eyelash business. They wanted me to make them a 1 page website .. that quickly turned into a 7-8 page website that now wants an Instagram feed running on the site. They have no professional pictures and make me to make it look as smooth as butter! Fun!

Just to add to it .. the owner is a friend of mine so the $$$ isn’t full price.. I hate working with friends for that reason because they just expect you to do the work for free…

Thats the name of the game though.. they think they know what they want and they honestly have no idea, that is our job to help tow them back to reality.

I will post a few pictures (discreet) I can’t give away my clients work of course but just to show some of my awesome work.

So I am on to another ball game 😉 this time I plan on playing a little better though.

Update soon!