The End of the Ball Game

Hello All!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter holiday! I know that I did! I loaded up on chocolate and to much food like usual.

SO let me get back to my story about the “Ball Game” from my previous post.

After that lovely meeting I drove my hour to get home and reflected the whole way. What could I have done different? Did I sound dumb? I decided to step up to the mound again and get ready for another pitch … I wrote her a thank you email later that day explaining how awesome it was to meet her and gain knowledge about her and her business. I was genuine in the email and tried to cover up my all the “balls” I threw during the meeting. Of course like any smart person I tracked the email using Sidekick so I would know exactly how , when , and where she opened it. Yes this is stalker status but I am a type A kind of person.¬†

She wanted a proposal of the work, so I made one up for her adding in parts and taking some out based on our conversations from the meeting. I was actually going to discount my services because I kinda liked the girl.. she was a passionate badass with a killer hair cut. I included that in my tracked email … and BOOM! The ball was off…

Now, this is the part that makes me so angry. As I explained in my previous post, she was a noisy person that needed to know the ins and outs of the game ( which is not how it goes sugar plum) but I engaged her questions anyways. Thanks to my friend Sidekick I saw that she opened the email right away, then she opened it again 5 minutes later, and then again and again and again.. 42 freaking times!! What the heck?! She opened the email 42 times and never did she write me back.. At that moment I knew that I let her walk-straight to home base- with out me.

Home Base-Juniper O Design

Honestly I was cool with the fact she did not want my work (her loss) what I was more annoyed with was the fact that I didn’t get a response. As a fellow business owner you should be able to write a ” Thank you for your time” email.. It is the respectful thing to do regardless if you like me or not. Based on her actions I actually would not want to work with a client like that.. one that is afraid. I know that my marketing and design services are awesome and I put 110% into my work, if she can’t be a decent person and write a damn email back ( which is the easiest way to reject someone) then same back to you lady! haha

I did learn a lot of this ” Ball Game” I played…

  • I need to be in control of the conversation .. I am the master at my skills and I need to LET the client know that in a respectful way
  • Show more confidence
  • Get a better poker face
  • Be better prepared

I will take all positive things from this experience and move onto the next :) Practice makes perfect!

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