The Ball Game

Some days we win  in the marketing world and some times are “strike out” in the marketing world…

I ended up meeting a potential client today at a local coffee shop for a action plan meeting. Before I continue let me explain a few things about this meeting..

#1- This meeting was at 9 am .. bad timing

#2- It was an HOUR away from my house

#3- I was nervous

I always think about pitching new clients like a baseball game.. and I need to be the pitcher closing in for the strikes.The client was very nice and laid back, which helped me relax a little bit while going in for my first pitch.
Baseball pitcher

I started it out explaining the importance of my services and trying to gain some pain points for her. I did my research and knew this girl was just starting out so she didn’t have a ton of $$$ to spend but hey I could use whatever she could offer me at this point. This is where I got annoyed… she wanted to know ALL the details. That is my biggest pet peeve with people like that, just listen and let me do my job. I know how to design and market.. you know how to sell your product-or do you because if you did we wouldn’t be talking would we 😉
Anyways, she kept probing and asking more detailed questions then I wanted to answer. I couldn’t answer all of them without giving away my secret sauce and honestly I didn’t know the answers to some of them without more research. I was starting to throw “balls” and not strikes, and I was showing my nervousness.

Back and forth, back and forth the talking went as I tried to explain the value of my services and secretly wanting a reward for driving two hours in a car to get to this dumb meeting. We finally got to finish up our meeting which I am not sure how it went to be honest.. but hey I did my best and tried to strike her out but she made it clear that we still have more innings to play.. to be continued :)

Thanks everyone,



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