Long Time no See

Hey everyone!

Long time no see… I am so so sorry I have not been updating my blog regularly. I am sure you have been missing all my juicy beef about the people that I am helping 😉 I have honestly been so busy up to my ears in clients that I barely have time to think let alone type out a blog post that is regarding me.

The marketing world has been going strong for me the last few months. I have built out several websites + multiple marketing campaigns and even got a $300 bridesmaid dress for free! I am feeling very blessed. But it hasn’t been all roses.. I am trying to make sure my pipeline stays full for when my busy times end. I think as business owners we get so caught up sometimes in the “NOW” that we forget to remember the times after the storm comes. What do you do for your business to keep the money flowing? So of my daily practices are

  • Taking pictures of local businesses cars while driving.. and if I am feeling extra spunky I might even give them a call right then and there
  • I spend a good uninterrupted hour of time just basically protecting on the internet- looking at google searches in a certain niche each day. I will copy and paste the URL in a word doc and just start my list.
  • JUST BE AWARE! You want to make sure that you are communicating about your business to everyone you know. You never know who and what doors will open.

It is so important to continue to keep your pipe line full because #1- not everyone will work out #2- We have bills to pay and vacations to take! Well folks I am out for now.. my computer repair guy is here and I need to get my money making machine fixed. I won’t be gone for so long next time :)


Needy Clients part 2

Welcome back friends and fellow marketers! So I finally have a few moments to breath and update everyone on my progress.

I left off last time with my “Needy Client” post about a friend wanting a website build and I was annoyed with it blah blah blah. This was a huge learning lesson for me because honestly I got to eat my words.. not only did she pay me..she paid me more then I was asking!! I quoted her $500 and she threw back $1000 bucks at me! I think I was just taken back because my expectations were so different with this situation and it made me really take a step back and think about what I was handling all of this.  marketing,website,

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own insecure thoughts that is becomes our reality when in ACTUAL reality that is not how it is. This leads me to take a step back and look at other experiences that have happened recently to re-think the situation and experience.

If you remember my posts from a few back about the “Ball Game” and that client that never had the decent morals to write me back? Well she did write me back and it was a very nice long email. She can’t afford my services right now 😉 but she will keep me in mind when she is bigger and has more money. But remember how I thought that it was me doing a bad job and I struck out? No I didn’t strike out I just miss read the play… Sometimes as business owners we need to step out of our own heads for a few minutes and not take everything so personally and just be willing to be patient and good things will come from it.

I was so hyped ( in the beginning ) about the money with my friends website that I just focus and thought “ohh just a small job” but it turned out to be massive and just another way for me to hone my awesome website building skills. Marketing requires you to listen to your clients needs and ultimately market their business to gain them more business… key point.. listen to what your client is saying , don’t listen to what my little head is saying! My little head was saying “this is a needy greedy client/friend trying to take advantage of you..” and oh boy oh boy how I was completely wrong.

Needy Clients

Oh man! I know you all have missed me :)
I have been swapped dealing with my lovely needy clients! I love my job and all the marketing and design work I am able to do but sometimes dealing with business owners is the pits of the job.

I started working with a new client who owns an eyelash business. They wanted me to make them a 1 page website .. that quickly turned into a 7-8 page website that now wants an Instagram feed running on the site. They have no professional pictures and make me to make it look as smooth as butter! Fun!

Just to add to it .. the owner is a friend of mine so the $$$ isn’t full price.. I hate working with friends for that reason because they just expect you to do the work for free…

Thats the name of the game though.. they think they know what they want and they honestly have no idea, that is our job to help tow them back to reality.

I will post a few pictures (discreet) I can’t give away my clients work of course but just to show some of my awesome work.

So I am on to another ball game 😉 this time I plan on playing a little better though.

Update soon!

The End of the Ball Game

Hello All!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter holiday! I know that I did! I loaded up on chocolate and to much food like usual.

SO let me get back to my story about the “Ball Game” from my previous post.

After that lovely meeting I drove my hour to get home and reflected the whole way. What could I have done different? Did I sound dumb? I decided to step up to the mound again and get ready for another pitch … I wrote her a thank you email later that day explaining how awesome it was to meet her and gain knowledge about her and her business. I was genuine in the email and tried to cover up my all the “balls” I threw during the meeting. Of course like any smart person I tracked the email using Sidekick so I would know exactly how , when , and where she opened it. Yes this is stalker status but I am a type A kind of person.  Continue reading “The End of the Ball Game”

The Ball Game

Some days we win  in the marketing world and some times are “strike out” in the marketing world…

I ended up meeting a potential client today at a local coffee shop for a action plan meeting. Before I continue let me explain a few things about this meeting..

#1- This meeting was at 9 am .. bad timing

#2- It was an HOUR away from my house

#3- I was nervous

I always think about pitching new clients like a baseball game.. and I need to be the pitcher closing in for the strikes.The client was very nice and laid back, which helped me relax a little bit while going in for my first pitch. Continue reading “The Ball Game”

Website Designing

Well hello everyone! I hope everyone is awesome a great Friday and recovering well from St Patrick’s day yesterday! My fun filled Friday consists of work and a pest control company coming to help me get rid of my stupid sugar ant problem! Yuck!! Anyways.. here is my little helpful website info for today.

Everyone seems to think that to design a website you need to have some kind of expert skill set. That could not be more incorrect!! I used to be one of those people that thought those thoughts, until I started doing some research online.

There are so many different platforms that you can design websites on nowadays: Weebly, GoDaddy, Wix, WordPress ( just to name a few). Some of them are defiantly easier then others in terms of designing.. Weebly would be my first choice when it comes to easy and understandable website design. My 76 year old grandmother could build a website if she wanted because it is that easy!!

I would do your research and find the best platform that seems to suit your needs. Important key things you should look for are price ( how much is the site going to cost a month? ) , theme options-looks are super important!! , and just your overall comfort honestly. Look at youtube videos ( I attached one below ) to see how each site runs its process and if it seems like something you understand.. then go for it! You should not be banging your head against the wall while trying to build your site.

Once you pick your platform I would be take a day and just literally mess around with the building tools. Don’t rush into trying to get your site going if your a novice.. take some time and play with a heading, add some text boxes, put a picture in. By doing all of these things ahead of time and without a purpose in place it will take the pressure off you while you learn to navigate the building process. It took me a good day to get “comfortable” within the site, by the end of that day I felt confident enough that I could sit down and build my new site the way I wanted and not want to throw my computer out the window with in 10 minutes :)

**Don’t forget to take advantage of all the support and help each different site offers! Live CHAT boxes are amazing!

If you have any questions about website design platforms PLEASE shoot me an email 

See you on the next post!

Hello World

Welcome to Juniper O Design! This is my first post! My name is Alexis and I run a web design business and decided to start a little blog to share some of my experiences and talk about the industry :)